Bitsons V-Neck T-Shirt Men Black


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A casual look with a clear statement. The Bitsons V-neck shirt is aimed at crypto-savvy individualists with high ambitions. The perfectly cut V-neck is bordered by a filigree ribbed neck.

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Bitsons V-Neck T-Shirt Men Black

Times they are a-changin…

The classic banking system represents the past with its slow, complex and cost-intensive transaction technology. In view of the increasing emancipation of block chain technology and the widespread acceptance of the new disruptive technology, crypto currencies will take on a central role in the new financial system and completely redefine the classic banking system.

Bitsons is one of the pioneers in Germany with its innovative approaches and block chain products. With the V-Neck Shirt you can embody the values of this financial revolution in a fashionably appealing way.

Quality in focus

The various embroidery details, the perfectly cut V-neck and the finely worked ribbed cuffs and neck make it clear: The Bitsons V-neck shirt is not a cheap off-the-peg merchandise item, but a high-quality fashion piece for the crypto enthusiast.

This fashionable gem is made of 90% cotton and 10% viscose. Thus the V-Neck shirt leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin, which will still be there even after numerous washes. The close fit emphasizes the figure of the wearer.

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